Marketing Spotlights: The Impossible Burrito Bowl

November 19, 2019

Impossible Burger
Everyone is talking about Impossible Burger, the plant-based meat alternative that looks, prepares, cooks and tastes like real meat.

Not only does this healthy protein alternative provide a realistic meat-like experience, but it does so while using 96% less land, 87% less water, and while producing 89% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than animal-based products (reference:  

Providing delicious foods that are as gentle as possible to the planet is consistent with fresh&co’s mission, so we are incorporating this exciting vegan product into many of our seasonal offerings. These include our prior Impossible Pho Bowl and Impossible Bahn Mi, and now, joining our other popular Bowl options, Winter 2019’s new Impossible Burrito Bowl.

fresh&co’s Impossible Burrito Bowl
“As a result of the highly successful Impossible™ Meatballs and the overwhelming response to our Impossible™ Pho Bowl this year, we are thrilled to once again welcome this innovative meat alternative to our menu this fall,” says George Tenedios, CEO of fresh&co.  “As consumers continue to seek out healthier, plant-based options, fresh&co remains dedicated to providing delicious, health-conscious variety to our guests.”

The Impossible™ Burrito Bowl ($12) includes Impossible™ Taco Crumbles, pico de gallo, avocado, house-made tortilla chips, house-made vegan nacho cheese, pickled chilies over brown rice. The Bowl is vegan and contains soy and nuts. It was designed by fresh&co’s Executive Chef Craig Rispoli as part of our ongoing commitment to creating new, rotating menu options that keep our menu fresh and unexpected for the customers who choose to dine with us regularly.

This new menu item was introduced to our stores in early November 2019 and has already proven to be incredibly popular in the days since its release. Reception in the restaurants and online is very positive for this meatless, vegan fresh food Bowl.

We offer at least 2 – 3 vegan options each year, with the options varying seasonally.

“As a leading fast-casual restaurant in New York, we are constantly researching and developing new ways to evolve our menu,” says Chef Rispoli.  “We are proud to not only use innovative ingredients that meet our customers’ lifestyle choices, but also to deliver fresh, locally-grown fare from local purveyors we’ve trusted for years.”

The Franchise Connection
There is a significant advantage to being a franchise owner in a casual fresh food restaurant franchise that has a strong reputation for serving up quality, nutritious food every day. fresh&co franchise owners also benefit from being able to provide custom-created, seasonal, innovative menu options that offer variety to their customers while building brand loyalty with those looking for new, interesting flavors.

Seasonal and LTO menu items are marketed through our social media outlets, in our app, and via eblasts to get the word out to our customers, who in turn are active participants in the marketing campaigns through their social shares and posting of meal photos on Instagram. Our customers love our healthy food options and enjoy sharing their favorite meals!

The ideal fresh&co franchise brand partner is committed to freshly prepared food that is on the cutting edge of new developments in healthy ingredients and appreciates the benefit of having menu options that incorporate healthy and Earth-friendly food options like Impossible Burger in all its forms.

Ready to learn more about how you can join the fresh&co family and enjoy the advantages of creative, effective marketing programs like this one? If you are interested in opening your own fresh&co healthy fresh food franchise, contact us today.

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