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July 15, 2019

We know that as an entrepreneur looking for the ideal franchise opportunity, you have many choices to choose from. In a market full of restaurant options, fresh&co has proven to be a successful leader in the industry and is positioned as one of the best available restaurant franchise options. If you are ready to invest in healthy, then you may be our ideal partner.

Just Made. Just for You.

fresh&co is a family-owned restaurant group, built on the principle of  ‘just made, just for you’. At fresh&co, we have an unrivaled commitment to source fresh, seasonal, local food that is authentically prepared in small batches to satisfy and delight every customer. Ingredients are prepared in house, every day to ensure freshness and quality taste and will happily customize any dish so it is “just made. just for you.”

In an industry saturated with mass-produced, quickly prepared, low-nutrient fast food franchises, fresh&co is a leader that serves quality food for multiple day parts. Our chef-inspired meals are made from the best ingredients available, and cater to every type of dietary requirement, from gluten-free, vegan, keto, to paleo.

Think Globally, Eat Locally

We believe that where our food comes from makes a difference and source ingredients from local farms as well as our own farm in Orient, NY for the ultimate farm-to-desk experience.  We create our menus based on what’s in season to keep our menu fresh and delicious and we’ve cultivated close relationships with our farmers and work with them to ensure they are growing premium produce and the animals are ethically raised. Our meats are non-gmo, natural and organic whenever possible and we  purchase hormone-free, vegetarian-fed chicken and serve only cage-free eggs.

Our support of growers helps them increase their harvest year over year and positively impacts the local community as well as the environment! Buying locally means fewer emissions are created versus transporting our food over long distances. We encourage our guests to go bagless and source food packaging made from recycled materials wherever possible.

Not only does our ‘eat locally’ mission mean better food, we work hard to create better communities through our work with programs such as Food&Finance High School. FFHS is New York’s only public culinary school where students get a full academic program as well as four years of intensive culinary training. Over the years we have supported the high school with internship programs, classes, scholarships, field trips, a dining lab, and donations.

Multiple Day Parts

In addition to our innovative menu and local sourcing, an important factor to fresh&co’s success is our multiple day-part dining experience. We serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks which means more opportunity for transactions and higher traffic. This truly sets us apart from most fast-casual restaurants.

Unparalleled Brand Recognition and Support

Not only does fresh&co offer one of the most sustainable franchise options, but, also offer a solid business model that can be replicated for your own location. With over 30 years in the fast casual restaurant business and a solid operational foundation, fresh&co is a well established brand with 19 locations (and growing). As part of the fresh&co franchise family, you will receive training and support that exceeds most other franchisors. We have the knowledge of how to run a successful fast casual restaurant and will do everything possible to ensure you are supported and successful.  


If you are looking for a franchise opportunity that is more than just an investment  and want a business that provides products and services that add to the health of your patrons and the larger community, then a fresh&co franchise is the best option for you!

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